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Peter de Bretteville Architect: A Reliable Professional Near New Haven, CT and the Surrounding Areas

Solid architectural design is the foundation of any building. Peter de Bretteville Architect is an architecture firm that has been handling both residential and commercial projects for over 50 years. Unlike many other architecture firms, we don’t specialize in a singular building type, instead addressing projects at all scales. Over the years we have carried out task of behalf of individuals, developers, and governmental and private institutions. This wide range of experience has taught us how best to approach a variety of problems and challenges and come up with creative, effective proposals that will match the needs of our clients.


Peter de Bretteville Architect is committed to providing comprehensive, high-quality design services. Each project is approached with care, with the owner himself taking the time to oversee each project. We are able to provide innovative design ideas for a variety of building types, including apartments, educational buildings, governmental buildings, and more. Constant communication is key; we are incredibly attentive to the needs of our clients, and provide diligent service to make sure your needs are met. If you are in New Haven, CT or the surrounding areas, then consider giving us a call.

Innovative Architectural Solutions That Fit within Your Budget

Peter de Bretteville Architect is a firm that is committed to excellence. When we begin a project, we will start by discussing the job with you, doing preliminary research, and otherwise examine the details of the project. Cost control is an important factor to us, and so we will set a budget, confirm and revise estimates, and provide you with a thorough cost analysis of the project. We work personally with an extended, highly-professional team of consultants and designers that are incredibly attentive to your needs, and will work to create a design that matches your wishes while remaining within the confirmed budget. Once we begin the design phase, we will create innovative, effective designs that we can bring to life with the assistance of 3D modeling. Once the design is decided upon, we will the actual building process. We will engage with you throughout the process, and will bring the job from its initial conception through construction.

World-Renowned Architectural Work

Our work has been published throughout the world, and has been recognized with a number of awards throughout the years. Peter de Bretteville Architect is committed to excellence, regardless of what kind of project you need assistance with. Our services are available to the following locations:


  • New Haven, CT 
  • Fairfield County, CT 
  • Stanford, CT
  • Haven County, CT 
  • New York City, NY 

Contact us in order to schedule your free initial consultation. We’d be happy to discuss your project with you today. 

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