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Our company, Peter de Bretteville Architect, has been actively involved in historic preservation and rehabilitation work in the New Haven, CT area since 1970. We provide specific services, including feasibility studies, HABS documentation drawings, and full planning and architectural services through construction. Projects at our architecture firm have included houses, housing, commercial, office buildings, and other historical places. Get in touch with our architectural firm today to learn more about our historic restoration and adaptive reuse services near you.

Honoring Historic Buildings & Places

At the base of all great urban places is not only a sense of the future but, most importantly, the past. As new intentions emerge, a dynamic balance must be created between what was previously intended and what must now be accomplished. A profound understanding of history is essential to both the preservation of valued work and the creation of new buildings or the accommodation of new activities. In urban terms, there is no real difference between restoration and new construction.


Since both are based on an understanding of places and buildings in a historical and technical sense, they are absolutely linked. Our work in historic preservation and adaptive reuse is centered on the belief that the rehabilitation and restoration of a historical building are fundamental to the realization of sustaining a meaningful city. A town’s extraordinary buildings, public halls, chambers, courts, and gardens embody a past that can be preserved and respected as they are adapted to meet new demands. In addition, our services also focus on maintaining the architectural design of a historical landmark, as its appearance can be linked to its fundamental value.

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What we explore as we attempt to carry this work forward is our humanity and history. The continuous renewal of meaningful buildings and places is a responsibility we all share under the National Historic Preservation Act. Get in touch with our top architecture firm today to learn more about historic preservation. Our company Peter de Bretteville Architect offers the services of our historic preservation architect to maintain the intrinsic and functional value of our authentic landmarks and buildings.

We offer historic preservation services in New Haven, Fairfield County, Stanford, Haven County, and New York City.

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