Willow Glen Houses

The project is for two single family dwellings for close friends who wish to live cooperatively rather than in more typical LA isolation. The site slopes up steeply to the west from the street such that the two houses are cut deeply into the hill for basements and garages. The main levels are reached through a shared central exterior stair. Entry is from the common landing overlooking the street. The stair can also be taken directly up into the garden. While to two houses have the same structure and materials, the uniqueness of each families structure and interest is expressed in fundamentally different plan arrangements and different interior finishes such that each house has its own character internally. This is possible because the basic loft like structure frames two story spaces within which are placed bedrooms as mezzanines. Both buildings are relatively closed to the street and open to the garden side where overhanging balconies and canvas shade the glass walls. The skylights that run continuously along the street balance the light through the interior especially in the two story living room and studio spaces.


Laurel Canyon

Los Angeles, California


Two Single Family Houses


deB: 2,400 square feet

Simon: 2,800 square feet






Dimitri Vergun

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