UCSB Art Museum

Program: Galleries, Classrooms, Offices, Workshops

Description: This is a teaching museum in the context of a university. It is placed on the ground in a way that forms meaningful open spaces between buildings. It is conceived not as a unique, single building but as a part of a complete campus idea.


Entrance is through a round room open to he sky. All major activities gain their access through that space. Each of the activities is placed in the plan so that it can operate independently and yet form a complex institution. The galleries are conceived as units of space and light each with their own qualities, capabilities of growth in the future. The gardens enhance the livability of all rooms, public and private.

Location:  UCSB Campus; Goleta, CA

Status:  Competition

Size:  25,000 sf gross

Cost:  $4,250,000

The Museum is both an exhibition and teaching facility. It is sited in away thatresolves various paths in a series of three distinct courts. It is therefore more an extension of the idea and order of the campus than it is an individual building. The front court straddles and marks one of the major pedestrian paths and leads to the entrance court.

Entranceand access to all of the activities of the building is through the circular court. Each major activityalso hasits ownt entrance so that they can operate independantly. The palm court joins the museum with the large existing labs. The green court on the opposite side serves as a sculpture garden. The galleries, compiosed of a series of as distinct units of space and light, can expand to the west in the future.

Articulated and colored precast concrete panels are the exterior enclosure of the steel frame which stands free of the walls in the Galleries. In its image the Museum connects to the historical typologies of museums while also making reference to the character and traditions of the buildings of the region.


UCSB Campus

Goleta, California


Galleries, Classrooms,Offices & Workshop/Storage

Size: 25,000 square feet

Cost: $4.2 million


1988 Competition

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